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ODESSACARD tourist and city guest card



ODESSACARD is the first Ukrainian tourist service of the European standard of type City Pass.


ODESSACARD - tourist card, which is designed to save finances for tourists and guests of Odessa. Conducting a visitor to Odessa - "Pearls by the Sea", by the most significant and vivid sights of this historically rich and beautiful city.


The ODESSACARD tourist card is an NFC card which includes free visits to a number of the best tourist objects in Odessa for a total amount of more than UAH 4,000, while the card itself does not exceed 1/8 of that amount.


In addition to free entry and services, the tourist card also works as a discount in a lot of establishments in Odessa, which can be useful both to the guest and the resident of Odessa.


How does ODESSACARD work?


The tourist card ODESSACARD has a validity period of 1 year, during which period you can activate it at any convenient time and enjoy all the list of services from the FREE zone - saving a significant portion of your vacation budget.


All objects from the DISCOUNT zone provide discounts throughout the year, repeatedly, regardless of activation of the card.

What is included and where to save with a tourist map of Odessa?



More than 11 best museums in Odessa

On electric cars
In the catacombs
On a sea boat


Special offers:
Tasting of Odessa cuisine
Freshly roasted coffee

In addition, a permanent discount:

Entertainment from 10 to 50% discount:
Petting Zoo
Bathing with dolphins
The Oceanarium
The best quest-rooms of Odessa (more than 40)

Excursions and tours up to 20% off:
Private museums of Odessa
Tours and excursions around the Black Sea and Bessarabian region

Meals up to 20% off:

Accommodation up to 15% discount:
Recreation centers
Apartments for rent (more than 250)

Useful services up to 20% off:
Fitness clubs
The shops
Tattoo studio


And much more!

In addition, the tourist card holders
will receive 10% discount
on the tickets of ODESSA CLASSISC 2019


With a full list of ODESSACARD tourist card partners, you can visit our official website:


The set of tourist cards includes a booklet guide to Odessa with a detailed map and a list of all the places where it is possible to use the tourist card.


The tourist map of ODESSACARD exists in 6 types: for one or two travelers for 24, 48 and 72 hours of activation for the FREE zone


Come to Odessa, rest and save with ODESSACARD!